Way of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross are a series of fourteen snapshots of Jesus’s final journey to his crucifixion. They form the basis of an ancient yet timeless example of Christian meditation. Many churches have their own set of images which depict the Stations, and on Good Friday, Christians gather to make their own spiritual pilgrimage around the church, praying at each station.

This year, in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, it will not be possible even to make this small pilgrimage around the church. However, we offer you the
following: an opportunity to make your own spiritual pilgrimage from home,
using the words of the celebrated English poet Malcolm Guite, written in 2012,
and the stained glass of artist Albert Chavaz, installed in 1963 in the Church of St Boniface, Vercorin, in the Swiss Alps. All pictures and poetry are in the public domain.

We wish you a blessed and peaceful Good Friday, praying for our world with
confidence that the darkness will never extinguish the light.

Revd James Gilder

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