Alban Pilgrimage 2018


Together with our fellow E4 partners (St Anne’s and Highams Park), St Edmund’s joined in The Alban Pilgrimage on Saturday 23 June. Recalling the story of the persecution of early Christians in Britain, we turned back time in returning to Chingford’s Cathedral before the creation of Chelmsford Diocese. Parading with coloured banners and giant puppets, we joined in worship as well as exploring the area and enjoying sharing together the fun and joys of the day.

© 2018 St Edmund, Chingford

Coronation Spring Fair


Most churches in Chingford took advantage of the Coronation Day weekend to run special events for the local community. St Edmund’s Spring Fair provided a bright and colourful open-air event with lunches, candyfloss and popcorn, tombola, as well as traidcraft goods on sale, plants and children’s craft activities.

© 2018 St Edmund, Chingford

Christian Aid


Charity volunteer and activitist, Joey Knock visited on our Christian Aid Sunday, and gave an insight of what it is like to be an internally-displaced person in Haiti, using the true stories of Macelin and Vilia. Following the service, cakes and plants were sold to raise money for Christian Aid, and Joey continued sharing stories and insights with individual members over tea and coffee.

© 2018 St Edmund, Chingford

Liturgical Origami


Bishop Peter led our All-Age Worship on 6 May. Everyone was given a white sheet of paper, and were guided by the Bishop to follow him as he folded and tore his own large sheet while he explained how the various adaptations being made to the papers were similar to the events and experiences, ups and downs, we all experience through life. Some eagerly expected that the result would be a paper aeroplane, however once the sheets were unfolded, as the Bishop explained that God’s agape – a love we find with all other loves and a love undergirding the universe – is wrapped up in what our sheets had become – the Cross.

© 2018, St Edmund Chingford

The Way of the Cross


Throughout Holy Week, St Edmund’s re-lived the story of Jesus’s last week from his triumphal entrance to Jerusalem (marked on Palm Sunday) to his death on the cross (on Good Friday). Along the way, we heard voices from the foot of the cross (a soldier, Satan, and the mother of James and John) in reflective monologues in the evening services at the beginning of the week, before to the great events of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Eve.

The story culminated in our celebration on Easter Day with its theme of restoration and new life, and welcomed a new member into our family through baptism.

© 2018, St Edmund Chingford