Vaccination Centre

20210108_100447 (1)

We are proud to be hosting one of Waltham Forest’s COVID Vaccination Centres. First opened on 8 January, we have seen the hard work that has gone into setting it up and running it, and received many positive and thankful messages from those who have received their vaccination so far. Our centre covers 50,000 patients in the local area, including 5 GP Practices and 6 Care Homes, with the aim of getting through 500 vaccinations a day. Since opening, the centre has been featured on news bulletins: first on the London ITV News on 8 January when Dr Asad Ashraf (Clinical Director for the E4 Primary Care Network) spoke of challenges from the uncertainties in the delivery of vaccines and lack of funding to hire dedicated staff; and secondly, on 2 February, when the BBC’s Laura Kuennsberg interviewed army medics administering the vaccine for the lead story on its national bulletins.

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